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Does Webs by Cheryl build websites that are Google friendly?

Yes! Webs by Cheryl follows Google guidelines to optimize your website for organic search results.

Are you available by phone or only by email?

We are available by phone during regular business hours. We are also available to meet in person by appointment.

Does Webs by Cheryl maintain the websites you build?

Yes! We offer an annual maintenance package for monthly website backups and software updates. Since we build WordPress websites, they need to be updated on a regular basis so that the website continues to run smoothly and with no security issues.

Does Webs by Cheryl provide tech support should I have a problem with my website?

Yes! For websites that we built, we provide tech support, sometimes for a fee depending upon the issue.

Does Webs by Cheryl provide security for the websites that you build?

Yes! All of our websites will have an SSL certificate plus we add a firewall plugin when we build the site.

Will you put a quote in writing?

Yes! We put everything in writing so you know exactly what you are getting and what the charges will be.

Does Webs by Cheryl do social media advertising?


Can Webs by Cheryl write my blog posts for me?


Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

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